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PRP – The Future of Skin Rejuvenation

by Ellen Mahony

I get asked a lot of questions about various plastic surgery procedures – at the gym, at cocktail parties and, of course, from patients during consultations. Most of the time I find myself busting various myths or scaling back the hype that has been built up on TV and in magazines. See my blog post here for more on that.

However, there’s one new procedure gaining traction in the plastic surgery industry that has me very excited. Platelet Rich Plasma has shown such promise – both in my personal experience and in numerous research studies — that I’ve decided to offer it in our offices for three different procedures: facial rejuvenation, the “O” Shot and hair regrowth for women and men.

The procedures all use the same surprisingly simple process: a patient’s blood is drawn and processed in a centrifuge which separates the platelets from the rest of the blood. This centrifuged, platelet-rich plasma is then applied to either the face to stimulate tissue growth, to balding areas of the scalp to encourage hair regrowth or injected into the vaginal tissue to stimulate sensitivity and, well, the big “O”!

PRP has actually been around for a long time – since the 1990’s – when it was mainly used in the orthopedic field to heal tendons and cartilage and as a supportive measure in bone healing. The incredible results seen in cell renewal and tissue growth piqued the interest of medical professionals about potential uses for PRP aesthetic concerns, particularly in the face.

One of the great advantages of PRP is that it uses the patient’s own blood – there are no other components in the solution. Since it’s the patient’s own DNA there’s no risk of allergic reaction.

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