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Anna’s Road to Perfection

Treatments: Breast Augmentation

You know how it is when you look at someone and think to yourself, “Wow! She has the perfect body!” ?? I think that from time to time, we all have a tendency to do that and are often surprised when we learn that the person we admire doesn’t feel the same way about herself. Take Anna. Anna is what most of us would describe as the uber woman: European, tall, “cool glass of water”-type gal. Exotic in her presentation, a fitness enthusiast both professionally and by hobby, she also is an accomplished pianist and teacher. Anna, it seems, is in control of her perfect life and manages to juggle it all flawlessly.

Well, grab your hats people, because THAT’S not the view Anna has of herself by a long shot. “ Sure,” as she will tell you, “I train every day and am persistent – it’s every day, no compromises!” Despite her rigorous approach to maintaining the perfect body, she shares that she “didn’t feel sexy.” Being athletic was one accomplishment but feeling and looking like a sexy woman was just something about which she dreamed. The idea of breast augmentation had crossed her mind but concerns that prevented her from taking the step of surgery were about a prolonged recovery and the experiences she had with three different surgeons in consultation, “I went to three doctors, one woman and two men, but didn’t feel comfortable with any of them.” So, the whole idea was ‘back burnered.’
And then, she found Dr Mahony, who like her, was also a fitness enthusiast. But, unlike the other doctors, Dr. Mahony was so approachable and grounded. In fact, they went to the same gym! Anna feels strongly about making a personal connection with people and in relationship building, “I teach yoga and female energy is different than male energy.” She adds that even though she was “shy talking about my breasts…I was able to open up about how I felt.” The quality of “communication and the conversations were open and honest,” which was exactly the relationship she sought with her surgeon. “I actually always felt like the center of attention because the staff was always so attentive and the practice was so serene,” Anna knew she was with the right practice and in the right hands.

Anna could not believe how well she looked the day after surgery. She describes the result as perfect with, finally, the “Barbie Doll Breasts” and proportion she had always sought. She didn’t have any bruising and the discomfort was nothing serious and similar to the weight lifting work she regularly did at the gym. All in all, Anna says that Dr. Mahony made her “feel like a woman and improved the imperfection of her breasts.” As far as her worries about a prolonged recovery, it “was faster than I thought and I was walking to get exercise” almost immediately. She “could not have been happier!” Anna shared some good advice: “You have to trust your doctor and know you are in good hands. Dr. Ellen Mahony is more than a plastic surgeon she is a kind compassionate person. She made me feel powerful and confident. I love her passion for fitness and health, she is so inspirational.” Anna feels more accomplished “at work and in social settings.” She feels her entire “presence has changed”… including “more confidence, power and attractiveness!”



*Individual Results May Vary

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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