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A Better Version of Audrey

Treatment: Eyelid Surgery

This is kind of a funny “Success Story,” not only because our friend Audrey tells it so well but also because it’s so relatable. Is there ANY middle aged woman who has gotten up in the AM, looked in the mirror and NOT suddenly become exhausted…based on the eyes looking back at her? Like all of us, Audrey “never wanted to be one of those women that looked nipped and tucked,” she just wanted a “to look like herself but a better version.”

Audrey is a young 53 and lives a very active life both professionally and personally. She stays in great shape with a commitment to both yoga and ballet. As a real-estate agent, she is continuously out with clients; weekend and evenings include a combination of work-related and personal social functions. As Audrey tells it, “I was so sick of people asking me if I was overworked because I looked so tired.” She adds that as much as she loved what Botox can do, her drooping eyelids had finally won the war on the priorities of lines vs. sag. The sagging eyelids were more than she could take…

Dr. Mahony and Audrey had been discussing this idea of an eyelid lift for a few years. But Audrey was “so nervous and scared that she might not look like herself,” that she just couldn’t move forward with surgery. That is until she had some friends who had already come in for the surgery and saw that all looked great and had little to no down time for their recovery.



*Individual Results May Vary

That’s when the “Winky” was born! “Ellen clearly explained the procedure, the recovery and marked out on my eyelids exactly what extra skin would be removed,” which reassured Audrey that she would look life herself, only better. “It’s such a small procedure but with such a big result, except oddly no one really can put a finger on it, which is why I call it the Winky,” she says. Her one regret? “I wish I would have done it sooner!!”

We asked Audrey what she thought of her experience with Dr. Mahony and the office, here’s what she had to say, “I love Dr. Mahony’s professionalism, her attention to detail, artistic sense as well as medical advice. The practice is a cut above – no pun intended! The staff is courteous, friendly and warm. It’s run so efficiently, you know you’re in a medical practice not a spa. I believe if somebody chooses plastic surgery it should be for themselves and no one else. Look like yourself just better.”

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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