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Dawn Gets Her Life Back

Treatment: Breast Reduction

Dawn is a 50-year-young amazing woman, a realtor by day (and night) and a true type A personality. She is 5’5” and wore a 50H bra. She’s a person who “gets things done” and manages to take care of everyone in the process, including her 2 kids. The only person she didn’t give special attention to was herself. Middle age and breast feeding 2 children had taken their toll on her body. Even though she knew after finishing breast feeding that a breast reduction was needed, she put it on hold for many years. Finally, the number 50 was the time to hit the stop button and take time for herself!

“I actually had thought about breast reductionsurgery for over a decade. I even called eight different doctor offices and visited three male physicians who I just never connected with, before I found Dr. Mahony in Westport. My breasts were a 50H! As you can imagine, they really limited my life and daily activity level. I would have to go get massages quite regularly because of the cramping and pain in my neck and shoulders. More importantly, I was having trouble sleeping because of the weight of my breasts on my chest at night and it was affecting my breathing”.

“When I initially called Dr. Mahony’s office I was given the time to ask a few questions to the office staff about Dr. Mahony. I had gone thru many other plastic surgeon offices and found most of them rude and pushy – they treated me like a number that would just add to their bottom line. I needed someone to hold my hand and listen to me.



*Individual Results May Vary

I wanted to meet and talk with Dr. Mahony on my terms, I didn’t want to be in a robe when I first met her. I needed her to know me and understand my challenges before I disrobed. She was the only one who understood or took the time to understand my challenges as a very large-breasted woman. I knew that my reduction was not a small surgery or to be taken lightly. In my consultation, within the first few minutes of meeting Dr. Mahony, I knew she was the one I wanted to be on my team. She was so open about her thoughts on what had to be done to get the best results. Dr. Mahony was not afraid to discuss the complexities of my case (requiring a free nipple graft) and the risks and how she would manage them. She even made sure she had backups with her in the operating room due to the timeliness of doing a free nipple graft.” Dawn’s surgery was not a standard breast reduction. She needed roughly 10 lbs of tissue removed and complete removal and later replacement of her areola and nipple.

“I booked my surgery and took a couple of months to get my ducks in order. I only told my immediate family about the surgery since this was something I wanted, and truly needed, for me. It wasn’t something I had to tell everyone about. On the day of surgery, Dr. Mahony removed 13 lbs of breast tissue! My recovery was better than I expected! After three days of being on a little bit of pain medicine I stopped and went to just Tylenol. I wore a soft support bra day and night. Plus, I laid low for a solid two weeks, mostly reading and watching movies. It was hard for me to not be doing everything for everyone but on the other hand it was probably really good for me to learn to relax for once.”

“Now, with 13 lbs off my chest, I’m a 48C cup. I know I made the right decision with Dr. Mahony! She is an amazing surgeon with an eye for the smallest detail. Thru all my follow up appointments and many calls with little questions she and her staff have been wonderful and helpful. I just started playing basketball with my 12 year old son and I am thinking about skiing with him this winter. For almost all of his life he never saw me being active because I truly wasn’t able to because of my chest hindering everything I tried to do. I feel like I owe Dr. Mahony for getting my life back!”

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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