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“I changed my life with weight loss but having surgery was the cherry on top! “
65-year-old, G0P0, 5’4”, 155lbs

Never underestimate the power of THIS woman! As a successful professional woman, Gigi has approached all of life challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude and achieved much along the way. Staying in shape has been a lifelong pursuit and although the onset of middle age can be daunting for many, Gigi would not let this define her.

“A couple of years ago I decided to make a conscious change in my lifestyle,” she said. “I’ve always been aware of how weight can impact health. Over the years, I had been able to keep things in line with exercise but this time in life was different- my skin just didn’t ‘snap back’ the way it used to after losing weight.” Nonetheless, Gigi committed to a disciplined schedule of “smaller more frequent meals loaded with vegetable and protein.” She also “came up with an exercise routine that could fit her ever changing work schedule- maybe less aggressive than previously but more consistent.” And guess what? It paid back in dividends and she shed 130 lbs!! She felt better, healthier and had more energy.

The only thing that was an annoyance was her skin. “I have an active lifestyle involving physical activity and socializing. I’m very happy with the weight loss and that was my priority. I wanted to explore body contouring to figure out if there was a way to snug up the skin laxity and be rid of folds and chafing which were in the way of my day-to-day enjoyment.”

Gigi started her research online and made a consultation with a local plastic surgeon. She left that consultation feeling rushed, with questions, and as if the surgeon knew nothing about her. She then remembered a doctor with whom she had several interactions within in her workplace and at a local gym where they both worked out. She looked over reviews and made an appointment —Dr. Mahony.

During her consultation, Dr. Mahony was “extremely thorough, explained every detail, and expectations.” Gigi received the education and reassurance she needed and booked her surgery within two days of having her consultation. She has not looked back ever since!
The recovery process required some patience however “the staff always made me feel welcomed and always provided the comfort and support I needed. The staff provides that extra bit that nobody does.”

Today, Gigi defines her life the way SHE chooses: professional success, hectic social life, gorgeous homemade garden, playing tennis, pickle ball, traveling and… looks the way she feels- down to the last detail!


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*Individual Results May Vary

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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