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Leti lives the life that most people just imagine…  much of her time is dedicated to community service and event planning.  BUT, in between, she jett- sets to exotic beach and water destinations, avidly participates in paddle and daily running, and most importantly, is committed to be the best mother and wife imginable.  In fact, it’s the mother piece that led her to Dr. Mahony.

This lively Mom of three actually “wanted breast implants after the birth of her first daughter.”  She “loved the look of her breasts while she was breast feeding”.  However, much to her surprise, she remained mostly pregnant for the next 10+ years and the years which followed were complete with chauffeuring and supervising her 3 daughters.   It wasn’t until now that any “me time” became available

Her genetic disposition and athletic pursuits keep her on the very lean side of proportion.  At 5’7”, she is only 110 lbs with a bust size of a 32A-.    Although ‘lean and mean’ worked great in her younger years, at 53 Leti was interested in “restoring a little more of her feminine curves” to her figure.   A side benefit of added curves would be the ability to get her bikini tops stay put while engaging in her marvelous travels!  She came to Dr. Mahony based on a positive experience years ago with her daughter.  This visit however, was all about her and she knew exactly in whose hands she wanted to be.  Leti’s initial “concerns were on scarring, recovery and pain”.    She liked Dr. Mahony’s “friendly demeanor and openness about sharing her own personal experience with implants”.  She found the staff to be “wonderful and super friendly, offering thorough explanations for every step along the way”.   It was reassuring to her “to know that Dr. Mahony was available to her 24/7”.  She was “very excited about the second visit which was dedicated to selecting the breast implant” that would be best for her.  She chose the “Mentor Saline 200-240cc implants and loved the look and size”!   And, at this point, she “doesn’t even remember that she had the surgery done, they have become a part of her and look so natural!”

We asked Leti about her surgical experience and recovery.  She says the “anesthesia and nursing staff were wonderful, and she had no complaints of nausea or unusual pain”.  As for advice to future patients:   just “follow the instructions!”  “I love Dr. Mahony, she has changed my life and made such a positive transformation!!”  As a curvaceous C cup, she is ready to take on the world!



*Individual Results May Vary

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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