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Rachel Gets Her Ear Back In Shape

Treatments: Otoplasty

Rachel has done it all. She has traveled around the world, including “swimming with sharks in Bora Bora, hiking Mount Fuji and walking amongst the pyramids in Egypt.” As a young, single woman, she uprooted herself from a small town in Maine and moved to NYC, successfully working in the finance industry for more than ten years – not easy in this competitive region. Along the way, she became a wife as well as devoted mother. She came to us with a perpetual spring in her step and a smile on her face, seemingly without a care in the world (all of that with a 2+ year old toddler in tow!)

One of the qualities that stands out in Rachel is her ability to dig down to the heart of the matter, evaluate options/choices and make informed decisions. She is a perfectionist. And, she isn’t one to be told what to do. NOPE, not in a million years! Rachel calls the shots and has a long history of calling them correctly. Truth be told, she has been challenged in ways that most of us will never know or experience. Rather than crumbling, each experience has heightened her awareness of an inner strength that only she can define.

When we met with Rachel, there was nothing obvious in her appearance to explain the prompting for our consultation. Young, slim and with enviable proportions, we saw a little blonde bombshell! But once she got to talking, she swept the hair from the right side of her head revealing a misshapen ear, clearly the source of her angst. As it turns out, this ear has been a constant source of frustration, a topic of unkind comments and, at times, a confidence-killer. Sometimes it’s the little things that are our biggest problems.



*Individual Results May Vary

We weren’t the first stop in Rachel’s research on ear re-shaping, also known as otoplasty. She had looked into this procedure at least three other times but never found the right fit with a surgeon. We appreciated her high standards and felt privileged to know her and to be a part of her journey. She shared with us that she is “still blown away that her ear was made new.” Form was added where there was none.” She had anticipated that her ear would only be pinned back and “didn’t realize just how detailed and natural looking the new creases would appear.” We were happy to learn that it was more than she had ever dreamed!

Rachel’s prior hospital and anesthesia experiences were with Columbia and Greenwich hospitals and, in comparison, she found her Norwalk Hospital experience amazing! For anyone considering Norwalk Hospital, listen to this, “Norwalk’s surgical wing was up-to-date, state-of-the-art, clean, and totally up to par with local competition. I was impressed! The nurse anesthetist was by my side through most of the prep, and as I was wheeled to the OR. She was very comprehensive with my care. The anesthesiologist was also thorough in reviewing my medical records (cardiac), and was compassionate / had a great bedside manner. I felt confident that I was in great hands. The OR staff waved as I was wheeled in. I’ve found in the past that the support staff in ORs often keep to themselves. But the OR is a personal space, so at least locking eyes and offering up a smile when I’m feeling vulnerable is appreciated. Norwalk Hospital’s staff made me feel supported and at ease every step of the way. The warmth of the staff in the OR was appreciated – and uncommon.”

Of course, we wondered, why now? What was it that prompted Rachel to have this very special surgery? We felt so honored when we heard her response, “Ellen’s compassion allowed me the comfort and opportunity to open up and conquer. She left me feeling empowered, and worth it. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” And guess what? We couldn’t have asked for a better experience either. Many thanks to Rachel for choosing us!

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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