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Shukriyyah's New Beginning

Treatments: Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

Shukriyyah, a 66-year-old health professional, had been thinking about doing a tummy tuck and liposuction for at least 30 years. Her stomach had always bothered her. It defined all of her clothing decisions, how she felt about herself and got in the way of just about any activity. Clothes were bought to disguise her abdomen, not for pleasure. She was haunted daily by the many issues this midsection imposed.

Although this matter was always in the back of her mind, “I didn’t do anything for awhile, because of my hectic work schedule.” All she knew early on was that a female plastic surgeon, was a high priority and extremely important. She knew that a woman surgeon could best understand her concerns about proportion and would be the least judgmental. Over a year later, Shukriyyah says, “I was leaving another doctor’s appointment and looked up and saw Dr. Mahony’s name on the next door! I knew it was meant to be. Fate and mere coincidence brought us together.” She thoughtfully adds, “My journey began and this changed my life.”

As part of the process Shukriyyah “did extensive online research and to learn more about Dr. Mahony and I could not have been happier. Her profile and outstanding reviews made my decision – we were the perfect fit!”

Shukriyyah has been in the medical field for her entire career, “I have had several experiences, because of my professional background, with hospitals, doctors and practices. Dr. Mahony and her staff are definitely a cut above the rest. The staff compliment Dr. Mahony and she compliments her staff. You don’t see that too often. They are in, as I call it, a ‘good marriage’. I can honestly say, I always look forward to my appointments.”

When all was said and done, Shukriyyah said “It was absolutely remarkable looking at a flat stomach for the first time. I can’t even express the emotions of excitement, happiness – it was a new me! No more sucking in until I couldn’t breathe, no more Spanx!” She felt liberated and on a new adventure, adding, “Shopping for clothes was no longer torture, it became a new beginning for me. I feel proud and look the way I feel!”



*Individual Results May Vary

There are so many people who now ask Shukriyyah for advice on plastic surgery, “My advice just do it! Think about yourself for once. Don’t let others stop you.” She feels strongly that when choosing a doctor you need to “…do research, check online reviews. The relationship must be based on trust and your level of comfort.”

When asked about her opinion of Dr. Mahony, Shukriyyah made our day, “I can honestly say, I love Dr. Mahony, she changed my life. Not only is she a compassionate, caring and excellent surgeon, she truly is a great person.” We think Shukriyyah is pretty awesome too!

*Individual Results May Vary

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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