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With Love from Fiji, XOXO Taialofa

Treatment: Tummy Tuck

Taialofa, a 39-year-old mom of three, is a magical woman from the mystical island of Fiji. She is an amazing chef and designs the most artistic and colorful meals imaginable – all healthy and organic! Her lifestyle is equally holistic, with a passion for music, dance and yoga. In fact, she was an avid yogi, and instructor…until the TWINS BROKE THRU!

The twins changed everything, not only her lifestyle, but also her body. “I knew I needed my abs brought back together from having twins. I talked extensively with my husband, and he knew I was in daily pain from having split abs. They were split top to bottom. The split happened at 39 weeks of carrying them.” When we say they ‘broke through,' they really did.

Some past surgery had left Taialofa quite traumatized so she needed to find a surgeonwho could relate to her fears and instill confidence, requiring some dedicated searching. “I did research online with my husband. He’s from CT, but we live in Fiji. So it was complicated to figure out who I could trustas far as a doctor. I called about 12 places that looked top notch. Dr Ellen’s office was the warmest, most professional. I also liked the pearl in the logo. Lots of pearls in Fiji, so to be honest I took it as a sign, especially after the initial contact with the office went so well. But, talking to her office, emailing and the Facetime chat sealed the deal, I wanted Dr Ellen to be 'the one.' I trusted her immediately and that was everything to me! The staff could not have been more professional.”



*Individual Results May Vary

As it got closer to the surgery, Taialofa was anxious but finally became meditative and positive in all of her energy. “I had so many questions going into the surgery and Dr. Ellen answered them all and told me to think of it as a Christmas present to myself. She was so right. What a gift!”

The surgery was a little more than the standard full tummy tuck. Taialofa had a large gap between her muscles that needed special attention. Remember, the twins (Mana and Sefa) came first and then, later, Zach! As it turned out, she had a hernia at her belly button and she described her recovery as "long and hard but on point.” The things that helped her were meditation and eating clean food – all organic and simple foods.

“I was in good hands, taking it day by day helped me. Dr. Ellen was always a phone call away and that is what I needed.” All in all, the surgery went beautifully and she was “thrilled with the results!” As Taialofa says, “I researched, I talked with my husband of 12 years, I made the call. Done. Best decision I ever made! I wanted to be pain free and have functional abs again. Bonus is I look amazing!”

We asked Taialofa what she would say to other women considering tummy tuck surgery:
“DO it! Have the surgery. Do not second guess it! DO not listen to those who say you can do it naturally. Natural healing only goes so far. I am a professional yoga and meditation trainer. If I could have done it naturally I would have! Delete the haters in your life!!”

You can find this amazing magical lady in Fiji (and on FB), back to teaching yoga at Alofa Yoga with husband Kevin and her three beauties: the twins, Mana and Sefa, along with little brother, Zach.

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


*Individual Results May Vary
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