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The benefits of muscle repair in tummy tuck procedures

by Ellen Mahony

Very muscular and sexy torso of young man with copy spaceThe tummy tuck procedure is a common body surgery performed by plastic surgeons to help in tightening and toning the abdominal area. Both men and women may struggle with excess fat and tissue in the midsection that makes them feel self-conscious about how they look—especially in more revealing clothing. Even with increased diet and exercise, some men and women are still unable to target the fat in this area effectively to improve their body contours. With the help of Dr. Ellen Mahony, many men and women of the Westport, CT area can achieve the results they desire in a shorter period of time thanks to the tummy tuck. 

How does the tummy tuck procedure work? 

During a tummy tuck, several steps are included. First, the area is liposuctioned, during which Dr. Ellen Mahony will manually remove unwanted fat using a cannula inserted into the stomach. Then, excess tissue may be removed, including skin that could result in sagging. In addition to these steps, the doctor will also tighten the muscles and repair them to ensure the most natural results. 

Why is muscle repair important during a tummy tuck procedure? 

The muscles are underlying structures of the abdomen that need to be managed just as tissue and fat will. This is because the muscles contribute to the function of the body’s core. It allows proper restructuring of the abdominal wall and a more youthful appearance in the midsection. It is also performed in patients who have a condition known as rectus diastasis, in which the rectus muscles in the midline of the abdomen are separated. This is common in women who have been pregnant and can be resolved at the same time as tissue and fat removal. 

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