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THE Holiday Beauty PREP Routine

by Ellen Mahony

…aka Boot Camp for the uber Seasonal Glow!

While some of you may already have switched out your closets for winter, mine are still packed with sandals, t-shirts and shorts—where did the summer go?!  With that said, let me impress upon you that in a mere six weeks, we’ll be full on into another season and, in fact, at the height of holiday festivities:  parties, family get-togethers and late night merry-making. Yep, take a deep breath and buckle up, it’s time to prepare for that hectic ride!

That’s why I like to get at least a few things on my future calendar that are all about me. Welcome to my six-week holiday beauty-prep routine:

  1. Immediately: begin to up your water intake and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep a bottle with you always and just sip away.  Shoot for at least a half gallon a day.  You’ll immediately feel better, swooshing all those toxins out of your body.  Also, your skin will immediately be less dry and more pliable.  No, I’m not kidding, it works!
  1. Week of November 5th:  plan your hyaluronic acid filler appointment. Any bruising will be gone by peak holiday celebration week! Disguise those weary hollows, elegantly contour your cheeks and arches, blend in those marionette lines and add just a touch to your lips, not too much, just enough to give your upper and lower lip some central softness.
  1. Week of November 12th:  layer PRP over your fillers (with injections and micropen) to soften those fine lines, give a rosy glow to your skin, fill in the fragile tissue under the eyes and boost the vitality of your skin and smooth its texture, minimize dark spots and stimulate your stem cells to grow and rejuvenate your look! Nothing like a biologic to take you to the next level!
  1. SLEEP, when you can:  Cat nap. Put your feet up, close your eyes. Let your body naturally restore and heal. Avoid caffeine.
  1. Week of November 27th:  Stress? You?  NEVER! Show no fear (we’re holiday warriors, remember?) so get your neurotoxins and carry on!  Now is a great time for “Botox Lite” to touch up those grumbling 11’s and calm down your forehead that’s in an “up” roar with sticker shock every other second! Call for your Botox Lite appointment now. Think about a touch up for crow’s feet too. There will be plenty of cameras around in the next couple of weeks and a beautiful relaxed smile is the goal!
  1. Week of December 4th:  You’re almost there -- you can do it!  Put the finishing touch on that beautiful facial palette with a dusting of microdermabrasion to exfoliate followed by a splash of glycolic acid. Like magic, your skin tightens and radiates like you’ve never seen before!
  1. Week of December 11th:  Factor 5 it ladies!  You’ve done it all, now just add the finishing touch.  This incredible product is like liquid gold.  Factor 5 is a revolutionary facial serum/cream that acts on a cellular level to stimulate your skin cells. Let it hydrate and nourish your new skin with a potion of human stem cells and hyaluronic acid.  Satisfy those hungry new cells and saturate your open pores with goodness.  You’ve prepared to look good and feel great and guess what?  YOU SUCCEEDED!  Enjoy as peak holiday week begins!

**Don’t forget the easy add-on’s:  Latisse for luxurious lashes, Factor 5 Serum for enhancing lashes and brows, and our Lip Plumper with pure Hyaluronic Acid.


131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


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