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The perils of price shopping

by Ellen Mahony

plastic surgeon touching face of attractive woman with marked faceWestport, CT area patients considering surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the face and body may be overwhelmed at the many options available to them today. It can also be difficult to decide which professional to choose when it comes to price shopping. While everyone wants a good “deal”, there are some downsides to considering only the price of treatments when shopping around. Dr. Ellen Mahony describes the pitfalls of choosing a provider based on price alone:


1. Poor quality.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “you get what you pay for?” When it comes to cheap plastic surgery, this statement couldn’t ring more true. Obtaining a quality plastic surgeon for your facial or body procedure needs to be done with an open mind, and many patients who understand the value of a quality provider will pay more for the service. Dr. Ellen Mahony is a board-certified plastic surgeon, meaning she has the specific training, certification and experience qualifying her to provide facial, breast and body services with the best possible results.

2. Volume driven surgeons.

Dr. Ellen Mahony runs a boutique practice that takes in far less patients to ensure individualized care and attention for every person who comes through her surgical facility. She takes the time to listen to each individual and provides solutions tailored to a patient’s unique needs. In comparison, a volume driven practice will focus more on increasing the number of patients walking through the door, offering “volume” discounts as a short sited incentive. In such instances, the pricing may be less per person but inevitably the quality of care and personal attention suffer due to the inability to attend to so many people.

3. Inexperienced providers.

This includes many who are trained in other specialties (Ob-Gyn, Emergency Room medicine, Dermatologists, etc) yet market themselves as cosmetic specialists. Regrettably, an inexperienced provider will lack the knowledge, technical skill, and historical perspective to offer the expertise required to meet even the basic standard of care from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Choosing your surgeon will be one of your most important decisions, let’s face it, you are trusting this person with your life. Dr. Mahony recommends that every person consider budget but please put that figure in context with safety, the quality of care you will receive and the peace of mind you will gain. When it comes to your health and appearance, investing in yourself and safety requires a comprehensive approach to decision making.

Call Dr. Ellen Mahony today and learn why so many people reach out to her: an experienced and qualified board certified plastic surgeon who can provide the results you desire! Her office is located at 131 Kings Highway North and is open to patients in and around the area of Westport, CT. Call (203) 221-0102 to make your appointment today!

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