The Vampire Breast Lift: A Non-Surgical Solution for Breast Enhancement!

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The Vampire Breast Lift: Finally, a Non-Surgical Solution for Breast Enhancement!

by Ellen Mahony

I don’t think I know a woman past 35 years old who hasn’t noticed some change in her breasts. The findings that women most often discuss with me include areas of volume loss, collapsed/droopy tissue, diminished cleavage, stretch marks, thinning tissue, crepey skin, loss of rosy color and reduced nipple sensitivity. Plus, there are plenty of other ladies who have had breast surgery (implants, reductions) who complain of thinning tissue overlying the implants with rippling or areas of asymmetry after reductions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to gain a little volume and cleavage without a major operation? Or, camouflage rippling over an implant and balance out some asymmetry after a surgical breast lift or reduction?

Although surgical breast enhancement  by lifting, reducing or adding volume with implants offers a great selection of options, not every woman is ready to commit to a surgical procedure, its risks and recovery time. And up until now, I really haven’t had a non-surgical alternative to offer.

But…now I do!

Similar to the beautiful results I’m seeing with the Vampire Facial® and the Vampire Facelift®, the Vampire Breast Lift® delivers a noticeable improvement in the breast skin tone, texture, midline fullness, upper pole fullness, appearance of cleavage, skin quality and color. Some of the changes are visible at the day of treatment, others progress over the course of a few months.

The Vampire Breast Lift, designed by Charles Runels, MD, is an in- office procedure using your own DNA blue printed biologic: platelet rich plasma. Once your blood is drawn, it is processed so that the portion of plasma that is rich in platelets and their associated growth factors, is separated from the red blood cells. This portion is then injected into the breast tissue in areas of deficient volume and skin damage – predominantly along the medial border of the breast. For those with diminished sensation in the nipple area, a small amount is injected in the sub-areolar tissue.

It’s amazing to see what a difference the PRP makes in filling the tissue, restoring shape and rejuvenating the skin, particularly in the cleavage area. Women have remarked that just the restoration of the curves is such a boost to their femininity! And, how nice to put on a bra or bathing suit and see the renewed fullness of the cleavage! Over the next few month, the tissue continues to thicken and the skin improve in color and quality. These results last up to about two years but can be added onto at anytime for additional volume and enhancement!

If you’re not ready for surgery and are looking for an affordable, office procedure to beautify your bustline, the Vampire Breast Lift is for you! Give me a call and let’s get started!


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