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by Ellen Mahony

Remember when I said I would be bringing the Thread Lift to Westport this Summer???  Well, it’s here and it’s awesome!  Stephanie and I were busy all day on Monday treating friends and family with PDO Thread Lifts (PDO stands for Polydioxanone, the material that the threads are made with) and, as you can imagine, I had to get in on the action.  I wanted to see what it really can do to a rapidly-aging face, find out if it hurts and see what kind of bruising I might be bringing to Westport and Fairfield County.

We did brow lifts, mid face lifts, lower face and jaw lifts – along with neck lifts. We were really busy but had fun!  In addition, we did threading to improve lip lines, boost the vermilion border of the lips, diminish nasolabial folds and simply add thickness and smoothness to crepey and fine-lined areas: chin, upper lip, and neck primarily (yes, that would be me…).

Here’s the scoop:

  1. I’m the only one that had a tiny bit of bruising on my chin, but keep in mind, I bruise in a stiff wind…it’s the curse of the Irish!
  2. No one we treated said it was painful, but there was an awareness of a little pressure in some places.
  3. No crazy swelling, just a small amount at the insertion site near the hairline which went away by the next morning.
  4. Definitely immediate improvement (keep checking our photo gallery pics and videos – we’ll post stuff soon).
  5. The next day there was a little bit of achiness in the area of the threads but no big deal.
  6. Everyone, hands down, was thrilled and wants to come back for more (we only did a few on each lucky “guest”).

So, what are my impressions?  Who is a candidate for the PDO Thread Lift? Can this be combined with other procedures?  How long does it last? Can you take them out? Is it as good as a real face lift?

Impressions:  this is an absolute home run for any healthy man or woman who has modest to moderate signs of aging at the brow, mid face, lower face and neck.  We can’t answer over the phone whether or not you qualify, you will need to schedule a consultation first so we can see what you are looking to fix.

Who is a candidate:   healthy men and women with modest to moderate facial aging represented by skin laxity as seen in a dropping brow, deepening nasolabial folds, marionette lines, upper neck laxity.  In addition, vertical lip lines, crow’s feet, crepey neck skin can be improved.

Dr. Mahony, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Stephanie Oertel, Certified Physician's Assistant, perform a thread lift to lift the cheek area of a patient.[/caption]

Can the Thread Lift be combined with Vampire procedures, ALMI, fillers, etc.?: YES!  I see this as the true solution to all of the lower face problems that are never successfully addressed with fillers or toxins.  This can be easily combined with all the other maintenance procedures to maximize your results.

How long does it last:  That will depend on the area being treated and the quality of the skin.  I expect that at six months we should review and decide if a touch up is needed.  With that said, the optimal result is after three months at which time the threads integrate into the tissue, thickening it as they dissolve.  It appears that good outcomes mature out to a year or 18 months and touch ups can be managed at any of those intervals.  As you may know, I prefer to treat conservatively at first to give you time to decide if you are happy with the procedure of choice.  Adding on thereafter is more purposeful and directed. Stephanie and I will address this procedure in the same manner.

Can you take them out??  YES! That was my concern as well which is why we are going with a brand that is extremely safe and with a high safety record and FDA approval.  There are very little risks with this procedure as long as you are receiving your care from a qualified, trained and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, like me, and my associate, Stephanie Oertel, PA-C.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of credentials with this procedure.

Is this as good as a real face lift:  NO, it’s an entirely different procedure however, for the right candidate, this will be extremely satisfying and hold off surgery for a good bit longer.  And, who knows what’s coming next?  Stay tuned, we’ll be on the cutting edge of all technology and innovation that is both SAFE and PROVEN.

Call now for your PDO Thread Lift Consultation. Summer is a perfect time! 203-221-0102.

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