Uh-oh…I think I may have “over done” it this summer

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Uh-oh…I think I may have “over done” it this summer!

by Ellen Mahony

I have to confess that after 10 years of sun avoidance, THIS summer I dove in head first…literally.  I can’t explain what came over me but I think it had to do with all of the leg surgery I had these last three years and having been super limited (crutches) from my usual summer activity.  With that mess finally behind me, I just wanted to take it all in and enjoy summer in every way: and boy oh boy, did I ever!

In fact, so much so that every time I get out of the shower I shudder at the array of dark spots, wrinkles, rough stuff and patches of God-knows what appearing in the oddest places, not the least of which is my face.  Needless to say, I’m highly motivated to clean this scary stuff up before it sets in permanently.  After previous sun damaging adventures, I would visit my dermatologist and spend about three months in a regime that included various laser treatments with accompanying nitrous oxide spritzers and drop a boat load of money.  I would then wait a long period for the ‘dust’ to settle and my bright red color to fade, swelling to taper down and the endless peeling to stop.  The final result looked a bit refreshed for a short time but nothing dramatic.

All that’s going to change this fall! In fact, you might say I’m turning a new leaf.  Here’s why:  Since we began offering PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments,  our Summer aftercare regime has been nothing short of revolutionary.

What I love about the PRP facial (Vampire Facial) is that the procedure not only exfoliates, improves texture and blends in pigment but, more importantly, it actually repairs and regenerates damaged tissue based on every individual’s unique DNA blueprint.  The old school dermabrasion or lasering of skin has to make way for the innovative biologic skin care procedures that actually make a difference deep within the layers of your skin – beyond just exfoliation. Now is the time to go for the methods with regenerative power. Take a look at the picture below and appreciate the difference.

As a reminder, here are the benefits from your PRP (Vampire) Facial:

  • Exfoliation of the epidermal (superficial) layer of skin- brightening, smoothing of texture, reduce brittleness, reduce fine lines.
  • Stimulation of new capillaries to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the healing tissue.
  • Increase in your natural hyaluronic acid to restore skin moisture and pliability- dewy glow.
  • Delivery of DNA-based growth factors and cytokines (healing enzymes) to trigger stem cells for repair of damaged cells- elastin, collagen
  • Triggering of stem cells to differentiate into new cells and replace irreparable cells
  • Thickening of the skin ‘matrix’ which is the framework that supports all the skin cells
  • Reduction in pigmentation, evening out complexion
  • Quick recovery - most people can return to work that day
  • Immediate visible results which improve further with time
  • No pain

Also keep in mind that I only offer services that I have carefully researched and tried myself. This fall invest in your face, neck, décolleté, and hands and join the growing number of men and women who have discovered the regenerative power of PRP treatments and made the smart money switch.  I believe so much in PRP that I’ve had it injected into my face and also in joints and tendon tears due its healing properties. This September I’m offering it to you at a reduced rate- just so you can see and feel for yourself it’s many benefits!  Give us a call 203-221-0102 and set up your fall clean up today!

131 Kings Highway North, Westport, Connecticut, 06880


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