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What’s your BMI and why it matters

by Ellen Mahony

It is important for one’s overall health and wellness to be within their ideal weight range in regards to their height and body frame. What is a healthy weight for one person may not be a healthy weight for another. Dr. Ellen Mahony deals with patients on a regular basis who are interested in certain cosmetic procedures such as body sculpting, but the ideal candidate is an individual who has reached their goal BMI, or “body mass index.” This is because liposuction, tummy tucks, and other body procedures are often misconstrued as weight loss options. Instead, the best candidates are those who are not obese and are in the proper range of BMI for their body. 

How does BMI work? 

The body mass index is a way of determining if a patient is a healthy weight for their body. It takes into consideration a patient’s height and weight. The BMI is a great way for professionals and individuals to know if they are at a healthy weight for their best health and to undergo plastic surgery procedures. 

The BMI can be calculated by taking one’s height measurement and comparing it to their actual weight. Some professionals may also use a caliper, which is a specialized tool used to measure the thickness of certain skin folds on the body to get an estimate as well. 

Certain ranges in the score will determine if a patient is obese, overweight, at a normal weight, or underweight. A score of 25 and higher means that a patient is consider overweight for their height, while a BMI of 18.5 or less indicates a patient who is underweight. 

Why is your BMI important? 

The BMI score is a great way to determine if a patient is a proper candidate for certain aesthetic procedures, and can be an indicator a healthy weight for one’s body. Certain medical conditions and risks may be experienced with a higher-than-normal BMI, including heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer risks, and diabetes. 

Learn more about your BMI 

Patients who are interested in learning more about reaching a healthy body weight before having aesthetic surgical procedures performed are welcome to call Dr. Ellen Mahony of Westport, CT for an appointment. Call (203) 221-0102 to request a consultation visit at her facility, located at 131 Kings Highway North.

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