Biology meets beauty: Vampire Facelift®, picture speaks louder than words

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When biology meets beauty: Vampire Facelift®…a picture speaks louder than words

by Ellen Mahony

I’m so excited that people are starting to understand, and believe in, the Vampire Facelift!   I know the name sounds hokey and the whole idea of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is tough to wrap the head around but, like everything else, pictures speak louder than words! Take a look at the lady below: She embraced the future of anti-aging and is enjoying the youthful benefits of PRP!

For those who may have missed the earlier blogs on PRP, let me break it down again. PRP is the portion of your blood that is rich in platelets and their associated growth factors. The growth factors are the proteins that trigger a multitude of healing processes. As an example, I’ve had PRP injected into my hip joint and into my rotator cuff for the purposes of healing cartilage and muscle tissue. When PRP is saturated into the skin surface or injected into the skin, the processes of repair, restore and regenerate are triggered. The difference with skin, is that the healing processes lead to a visible and tactile improvement.

The Vampire Facelift® combines PRP with an Hyaluronic Acid, in our office we use Juvederm (a more natural and valuable alternative to an HA is your own stem cells. The HA gives structural scaffolding for the PRP to act upon, further thickening the tissue and adding to its resilience. Unlike an HA alone, the PRP imparts to the skin some remarkable rejuvenating qualities: rosy glow, moist dewy complexion, thickening of the skin and subtle tightening and refined pores. These qualitative features are built upon with each subsequent treatment with your DNA-blueprinted PRP.

The procedure is not painful and takes only about 45 minutes. To start, about five tablespoons of your blood will be drawn and processed, separating the platelets from the rest of the blood. Your face is numbed with numbing cream. Tiny syringes are prepared for the injections for injecting tiny volumes of PRP into your skin. There will be a noticeable difference at the finish of your procedure, just like the woman above.

Let’s face it, using your own plasma to “wake up” your stem cells by activating them to replicate and repair your aging tissue is a big plus for restoring youthful skin. We finally have the means to form blood vessels, collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid, fatty tissue, and the matrix that holds cells together and thickens the skin. Color, fine lines, texture, moisture and overall quality and integrity are improved.And this rejuvenating process is natural -- a bonus!

It’s time to relinquish the fixation on fillers and toxins as the solution for the aging face when our own bodies have the power to do so much more and, in a natural fashion.   Next time you’re due for fillers, think about PRP—your face will love you for it!

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