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How Cosmetic Surgery Could Completely Change Your Life

The greatest thing about my job is seeing how your confidence in your appearance shapes your life’s success. Whether it’s Nina fitting into the little black dress, or Rick finally taking off his t-shirt at the beach, I love seeing my patients enjoying their daily lives a little more. And what could be wrong with that?  » Read more

Let A Surgeon Tell You About Silicone Breast Implants

You’ve asked your friends and family and all the online forums you can find about advice and experiences. You’re smart because you’re doing your research and you want to know what’s best for you. But the truth is, what worked for everyone else won’t be exactly what you need. You’re a unique individual and you deserve a unique experience.  » Read more

3 Types of Tummy Tighteners- Which is Best for You?

In my 30 years as a practicing, board-certified plastic surgeon I’ve performed more of two surgical procedures than any others: breast augmentation and tummy tuck. This is probably illustrative of much more than our cultural obsession with pert breasts and flat tummies (I’m looking at you Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine!). Notably,  » Read more