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Ask Ellen about Botox Parties

by Ellen Mahony

Q: What exactly is a Botox Party AND How do I Host one for My Friends??

Ellen: Botox Parties seem to have evolved from pop culture’s very public awareness and enthusiasm for cosmetic procedures which can erase years from your actual age…. And everyone is talking about it.

Yes it is true; Botox has now grown in popularity as a reason to get your friends together for your “Girls night out” to gossip, and do something fun and possibly life-changing. Good bye to the Tupperware and Merry Makeup parties of yesterday. Botox Parties are now in high demand as a way to introduce your friends on how they can make themselves even more fabulous than they already are..

Although we all have friends that are just too nervous or embarrassed to seek out botox and Plastic Surgery. Botox parties are a great way to truly alleviate these issues; the treatment can be performed in a relaxing, calm environment, on a casual evening and, with friends.

So What Should You KNOW about Botox Parties-

  1. In Connecticut, Botox is classified as a prescription drug and as such may ONLY be administered by a fully licensed and qualified practitioner, expertly trained in cosmetic facial procedures: Physician, Physician Assistant or advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). The law also mandates that an initial consultation must be performed in advance of any procedure.
  2. Plan on no more than 5-10 guests and be sure they have all read about the doctor, reviewed her website and understand the procedure. It’s wise to allow a couple of weeks for your guests to decide if they really are ready to move forward. And, remember, no one should feel pressured!
  3. A medical consent form and registration are part of the party. My office likes to make this information available to your guests in advance of the party, that way questions can be anticipated before the big nite. I like to know who you are and some information about your medical history so I can provide to you the best care. I also want to review with you the treatment and alternative options.
  4. You always want to keep in mind safety in regards to the location of Botox Parties. You buy insurance for your home, but does the practitioner carry insurance for protecting you from anything that could happen? I bet you’re glad you’re reading this! Yes, if someone slips and falls in your home, you are liable. And, if the practitioner’s insurance does not cover home treatments or, he/she does not have insurance, it’s a big deal. That’s why my office will offer to you the safest and perfect environment for your Girls Nite Out. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ethics and standards of care are very important to me. I will keep you not only relaxed and stress free, but safe as well.
  5. No Booze. I know, I know…”what’s a party without a cocktail?” you ask. Keep in mind, alcohol causes your skin to flush with increased blood flow which increases your chances of bruising. Plus, there are a few medical legalities that can’t be ignored. And of course, you do want to understand the consent form and what you’re doing. Believe me, you’ll be underwhelmed when it’s through and wonder why you didn’t get to Botox sooner!
  6. Make sure your party is in an uber clean area. Think about it, do you really want a medical treatment where there are chips on the sofa? A sterile environment cuts down on infection. And, I don’t think you want all those syringes in your kitchen garbage can. My unique office meets the requirements of a calm, soothing environment, complete with music and soft lighting.
  7. First timers may do well with a numbing cream- and we have plenty of that. It’s not really necessary but if it helps reduce your anxiety, I am more than happy to slather in on.
  8. In case you didn’t know, you will need to have your makeup removed in the area being treated. So, this is a good night to minimize the lotions and potions you wear to the party. Residual makeup on your skin can track into the site of injections, we want to avoid that for sure.
  9. Botox-Lite is a great starter up for 1st timers.
  10. If not now, when? Let’s face it, everyone is doing Botox and those who are not, probably will be soon. Take the time to make the best decision for yourself and your friends. Choose the correct professional who is experienced and yet also looks at the ‘big’ picture which definitely includes all aspects of your safety. At a minimum, come join me and learn about all things beauty related so you can make the best decision for you!

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