Botox & Dysport

Neurotoxins are among today’s most prevalent non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Popular options are Dysport®, BOTOX®, Xeomin® and Jeuveau®. There are subtle differences between each in terms of onset, responsiveness of the tissue to the injection and longevity of each treatment. Dr. Mahony will explain to you these differences and customize a treatment plan for you, often combining multiple products to achieve the optimal goal. These non-surgical injections soften and often eliminate lines and wrinkles across the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, near the mouth, and between the eyebrows. Not ready to commit to neurotoxins? Try Botox-Lite!

What are the benefits?

Dr. Ellen Mahony, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can use neurotoxins to soften your look and add subtle contours to your face. With a keen knowledge of facial anatomy, Ellen balances facial asymmetry as well as brow position, to create a non-surgical eyebrow lift.

The treatment is remarkably quick, simple and comfortable, and you’ll see dramatic results after just a few days.

The effects of neurotoxins can be enhanced by other cosmetic treatments such as facial cosmetic surgery, injectable fillers, chemical peel, thread lift or PRP procedures. In addition, we highly recommend one of our regenerative aesthetic procedures such as ALMI, a Vampire Facelift® or Vampire Facial®.

How does it work?

Neurotoxins that address lines related to excess movement on the face are made from a purified and diluted protein. When one of these products is injected into specific muscles in tiny amounts, it relaxes facial muscles and allows the overlying skin to smooth out. Neurotoxins are ideal for treating “dynamic wrinkles” related to both expression and repetitive movements, such as raising your eyebrows or furrowing your brow.

How much will I need?

The amount of neurotoxin Dr. Mahony uses is completely personalized to best achieve your aesthetic goals. As an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, Ellen will refine your treatment to ensure that the outcome is neither overly obvious nor diminishes your ability to express yourself and communicate.

For more information about neurotoxins and other skin care treatments, read Ellen’s Skin Care Q & A and “Ask Ellen” Blog.

Introducing Botox-Lite!

Not ready to commit to Botox? Try Botox-Lite! We get it. Not everyone has girlfriends who use Botox or, girlfriends who tell you they’re using it. That’s why we have designed a special treatment to educate you and inform you about the product. It’s your time to look forward to a customized result for the most natural you! Remember: Botox-LITE… no judgment, no fear, just natural results.

Botox-LITE is ideal for 1st timers who are:

  1. Fearful of the treatment
  2. Worry about looking unnatural
  3. Concerned of being too young or too old
  4. Want to work within a budget

If you’re new to ageing and cosmetic treatments, Botox-LITE is the perfect solution!

See Ellen’s results: before and after Botox.


What’s the difference between Botox and Dysport?

The onset of action is a little quicker for Dysport- you are likely to see a reduction in lines related to animation in just a few days. Botox takes a bit longer to kick in, closer to a week. I recommend waiting two weeks before considering adding more neurotoxins to the treated area to ensure that you are not over treated.

Another difference is the size of the treatment area that will be effected by these products. Dysport covers a little more “real estate” than Botox. As an example, the forehead area may require six injections of Botox but only three injections of Dysport.

What is Xeomin?

This is another neurotoxin for treating lines related to animation. It has less additives and surface proteins so patients are less likely to develop resistance to this product. It may migrate deeper and faster through the tissue with results noticeable in 5-6 days.

How much neurotoxin will I need for an area of my face?

The best way to find out is to come to my office for a consultation. It really is best to see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who understands the many nuances of facial anatomy, the relationships between facial muscles and the unique picture that your face presents. These days it is true that “everybody” seems to be injecting Botox. However, most are not injecting it well. The devil is in the details…confidently understanding that your goals may only require a couple of units rather than talking you into over treating (and over paying) for an area. When it comes to your face, the coupon deal may not be the best deal for you.

What’s the difference between paying for an area of treatment vs paying per unit/injection?

I feel it is important to customize the treatment and fee structure to each unique individual. Let’s look at the forehead again. A younger person may have very few lines which are not deep and only need three injections. In comparison, an older person who has many deep, etched lines may require six injections. If you are paying by the “area,” one of these people is probably over paying and the other is under paying for this ”forehead area.” In addition, the amount of product in each injection can vary. As an example, I may use two units in some places and four units in others. I prefer to customize the treatment to each person so that you are only paying for what you actually use. You are unique and your treatment should be also! This almost always creates a savings for you!

What is the best age to begin using neurotoxins?

Before the lines become visible at rest, so probably in your mid-30’s to early 40’s. Can you imagine how rested and relaxed you will look long term with the benefit of an early start? Many of our animation lines are the result of facial postures we unknowingly assume and repetitively engage out of habit. An early start with these products will tame some of this habitual movement and almost retrain our facial muscles to behave- relieving us of the haggard, worn look previously expected with aging. Finally a chance to look as good as you feel long term!

Are there cost savings by starting neurotoxins at an earlier age?

Yes. Breaking some of the facial postural habits early on will reduce your tendency to engage those muscles as forcefully when you express yourself in the future. Over time, this in itself will create less facial lines. In addition, you will probably need less product over time. As an example, in the beginning you may need five injections for the vertical lines between the brows. But eventually, you may only need three. This is the level of detail that a board certified plastic surgeon such as myself can share with you.

How often will I need these injections to maintain my good looks?

Every person is different but there is a trend. Usually the time between injections varies from 3-6 months. Although you may need less injections over time, keeping the schedule that works for you is the key to keeping that soft and supple look. Once you are off that schedule, expect the lines to recur.

Do men and women need the same amount of neurotoxin?

Usually men need more. Just as men usually have overall more muscle bulk, their facial muscles are similarly greater in bulk. For that reason, men may need more injections to get a good result.

Can neurotoxins raise my eyebrows?

Not really. However, neurotoxins can create the illusion of a higher seated brow with treatment to the muscles surrounding the eye and brow. By slightly relaxing a combination of muscles, the relationship between the outer and inner brow shifts, and the tail end of the brow may look higher. As an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, I am confident that I can advise you of how successful this combination may be for you.

What to expect at time of treatment?

I would like to learn about your goals, so we will talk for a bit in the beginning. Next, I’ll clean your face and use a pencil to mark where each injection will be placed and map this in your chart for future reference. I’ll explain the markings to you and how they relate to your goals. We will also talk with you about your budget and explain to you the cost of the treatment, allowing you to prioritize your treatment goals. You’ll be glad to know that my interest is to achieve your goal, as much as is possible, within your budget. The injections are done gently, with your comfort in mind…there are no surprise pokes!

You won’t notice that you feel differently as the neurotoxin becomes active. But over the course of several days, you will notice that your facial expressions soften.

Can I get a neck lift with neurotoxins?

Thick vertical neck bands that “pop” off the neck are a sure sign of aging. One of the simplest ways to soften that look is to inject the muscle with a small amount of neurotoxin to relax the tension. This is often referred to as the non-surgical neck lift. Once the skin becomes lax and saggy, it will be time to consider a surgical neck lift.

Will neurotoxins help get rid of my lips lines?

Yes. Tiny injections to the lip muscle will reduce the muscle tone. The lip skin is tightly adherent to the underlying muscle. The contraction of the muscle causes the vertical skin lines. Reducing the muscle tone will help the existing lines to relax and prevent formation of new, deeper lines.