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Better not pout this Season! Celebrate the Lip Lift

With the Holidays upon us, who doesn’t need a “lift” to keep up the energy and good cheer throughout the Season?  This year I have something unique to add to our menu of NEW office procedures- The Lip Lift.  Although you may be thinking that a little Volbella or Juvederm will be enough to give…

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Eyelids, Plumping, Tightening and Energy – Oh My!

You know that feeling when you’re just starting to get into the rhythm of summer? Getting out to meet with friends and family or to exercise is one of the great benefits of long days and warm nights. And then, suddenly, the school supplies appear in CVS, followed quickly by the bags of Halloween candy…

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Ask Ellen about Aging Over 50!

Q:  “I just turned 50 and it’s not my imagination…my waistline is thicker! I’m eating less…doing tons of crunches–nothing’s working. Help!” Ellen:  Oh brother, that “thickening” is a topic close to my heart- and waist. First of all, I applaud you for choosing to stick to your “size!”  And here’s the deal:  eating less food…

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Ask Ellen About Blepharoplasty

Q:  “I’d love to be able to remove the droop in my eyelids and the puffiness under my eyes, but do I have time before the Holidays?  I guess it’s because there are sooo many parties coming up…everytime I look in the mirror all I see is “old and tired,” ugh.” Ellen: Yes, definitely. The…

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Ask Ellen About Liquid Facelift

Q:  “Is a Liquid Facelift for me?” No matter how much sleep I get, I still feel like I look tired. My skin looks dull and sagging.  I’ve noticed wrinkles that are way more pronounced and even feel like I look a bit “jowly” around my chin.  With the holidays fast approaching, I don’t have…

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Ask Ellen About Your Neurotoxin Procedure

We have callers all the time who ask this very question!  Here’s a quick overview for those of you who are just about to get “your feet wet” with non-surgical procedures.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find it’s all kind of a “non-event” but read on, just to be sure! First:  DEFINE THE PROBLEM You can…

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