More Isn’t Necessarily Better

Published on March 1, 2017 by
multiple surgeries

These days, many patients come in for their consultations with me more informed than ever due to the wealth of plastic surgery information and images on the internet. I love these patients because our time together in consultation – and throughout the entire surgery experience – feels even more like a partnership, with both of use working towards the same (and beautiful!) goal. One trend I’m seeing is a desire to combine several procedures at once, either to reduce downtime, to achieve multiple aesthetic changes “quickly” or in an effort to reduce costs. While these are valid — and often realistic — goals, not all procedures can or should be combined. For example, I’ll commonly combine a brow and forehead lift, or perform a Mommy Makeover which combines a tummy tuck and breast surgery or liposuction – but each case is unique and I carefully weigh the patient’s health history and desired surgeries with the anticipated time under anesthesia and invasiveness of each procedure. While I know that the internet – and shows like “Extreme Makeover” — can make these dramatic, whole-body surgical transformations look as quick as a commercial break and as easy as a trip to the spa, however this is not the case and following what’s recommended by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is always the safest way to get the results you’ll love forever.