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3D Approach to Lip Lines: Finally, A Solution for the Aging Mouth that Works!

Smokers lines. Marionette lines. Barcode lip. The names are different, but the look is the same: drawn, wrinkled and a tell-tale sign of aging. There’s nothing more annoying to a woman than seeing her lips thin and take on the brittle texture that no amount of hydrating topical solution can effectively combat. Because the lips…

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3 Advantages of Doing a Threadlift in October

A non-surgical way to get lift and tightening of the face is perfect for Fall! The PDO Threadlift has become increasingly popular at our Westport office since introducing it this Spring!   We’re all interested in nonsurgical procedures that add value in maintaining, or improving, the quality of our facial skin and contour. And the Threadlift…

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Remember when I said I would be bringing the Thread Lift to Westport this Summer???  Well, it’s here and it’s awesome!  Stephanie and I were busy all day on Monday treating friends and family with PDO Thread Lifts (PDO stands for Polydioxanone, the material that the threads are made with) and, as you can imagine,…

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