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The Modern Mommy Makeovers: Find the Right One for You

by Ellen Mahony

The Mommy Makeover used to be a combination of body sculpting and breast enhancement. It was a satisfactory solution for mothers who had completed childbearing and were looking to restore their figures. Today, there is something better.

Regenerative Aesthetics has expanded the choices for Mommy Makeovers. Today, there is considerably more to offer women than just surgery for the breast and body.  I’d love to take a moment to share what I am doing at our new center of Regenerative Aesthetics – where we keep in step with science, separate myth from reality and provide education and options for modern moms.

The moms who come to our practice looking for some makeover help fall into two groups: The New Mommy group of women, age 35-45, and the Menopause Moms, thoseover age 45. Each group is interested in body sculpting as a result of having children.

Both groups also are interested in wellness-related procedures, which impact their appearance and the quality of their lives.  Moms today tend to shy away from commercial “fixes” and silicone devices.  They want natural options like saline breast implants and options which harness the power of their own biology and DNA to achieve more powerful and long-lasting results.

What procedures are they talking about?  Tummy tucks and liposuction always make it to the roster. However, Moms now are interested in more than just the front of their bodies and have a greater interest in the overall appearance of their entire body- including the pelvic region. I focus on offering tummy tucks that unite the contour of the front and back of the torso, coupled with flank area liposuction.  An extended abdominal incision, along with liposuction to the flanks, ensures the absence of a dog-ear, or cut off, in the hip/flank area, where a tissue excess discrepancy typically exists between the front and back of the body.  This combination beautifully enhances the global proportion of the body imparting a less surgical look to a woman’s figure.

In addition, I have changed the shape of my tummy tuck incision to a soft “V,” with the apex at the mons pubis area. This is better disguised within the feminine pelvic shape and appears less obtrusive than the standard sharply defined horizontal line with obligatory dog-ears.  Women love this! The “V” incision lends itself well to a mons pubic lift which is a particular interest to the over 50 age group who now battle ptosis (drooping) of the mons area along with deflation of the labia majora.

Because women of all ages are eager to remain sexually healthy and youthful, I have invested considerable time and training in vaginal rejuvenation. This includes labiaplasty surgery to reshape elongated labia minora, volumizing the labia majora with micronized fat and platelet rich plasma (PRP) as well as injecting both PRP and nano fat (regenerative cells) to the clitoris, crus of the labia minora, sub- urethral area and G Spot. Women report a high level of satisfaction with combinations of these procedures, reporting reduced stress incontinence, greater vaginal lubrication and improved sensitivity.

We also offer natural biologic alternatives for wellness. DNA, regenerative cell and PRP procedures offer more safety, power, longevity and value to women of all ages to address:

  • natural and successful options for hair growth;
  • facial/neck rejuvenation;
  • volumizing the face and hands;
  • longevity of results (no short-acting, expensive commercial products!)

While silicone breast implants remain under scrutiny, interest in breast enhancement remains high. I offer alternatives. For moms interested in modest enhancement of the upper pole breast volume and line of cleavage, we have had good success with PRP injections. For those moms who seek an implant alternative to silicone gel, I offer the IDEAL IMPLANT, a dual-chambered implant that feels like gel with the safety of saline. It has the lowest leak and capsular contracture rate of any competitor.

Women’s quest for more natural procedures mirrors a similar embracement of organic foods and more active lifestyles.  We all have become aware that we may well live to be near 100 years of age, so, what can we do to ensure those are quality years? My practice offers a unique proposition to female patients. As both a woman and surgeon, along with nearly 30 years of experience in women’s health, I am excited about the future of women’s wellness and look forward to partnering with women of all ages to provide a full suite of services. I would be delighted to meet with you to explain more about our Regenerative Aesthetics and learn what we can do together! Meanwhile, if you know moms who are interested in exploring Mommy Makeovers (two or more procedures), please let them know I am extending a 15% savings on services through December 27th!

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ellen Mahony specializes in breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, face lift and eyelid surgery. Her office is located in Westport and serves Fairfield, Bridgeport, Norwalk, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Shelton, Darien, Redding and Monroe.

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